time attendance system

time attendance System

xellentTAS is a comprehensive Web/Windows based software application to maintain the daily attendance or movement of the Employees in an Organization during the working hours. The system can be operated manually or integrated to the electronic device such as Biometric or Proximity card or Magnetic car reader so that the Attendance module downloads the data and process to deliver the desired reports.

Some of the feature are of the software are.

  • Overtime Management
  • Holiday management
  • Leave and Special permission
  • Manual Attendance amendment

Features:-Overtime calculation and amendment with HOD approvals Holiday and Leave management Permission management to allow permitted out for the employees Manual attendance modify with HOD/HR approvals The system can be easily integrated to any biometric or card reader

Benefits:- Fully automated attendance system which reduce human error completely Overtime calculation with actual timing Real time attendance status Software send Alert on Late or Absent or Early leaving transaction with employee name

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